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Mock interviews are all about helping you master your interviewing skills. Right from how to impress to how to dress, Tektutes will make you job-ready!

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  • Expert instructors help you through each mock-interview session
  • Cost-effective to suit every pocket-size
  • Mock-interviews that are no less than real
  • Complete focus on your individual needs
  • video after each training interview help you get better insight
  • Immediate feedback and suggestion
  • Apt for busy professionals
  • Effective and interactive interview tips

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Interesting Interview facts


Around 80% applicants face rejection within the initial 90 seconds.


About 50% applicants cracked interviews owing to their positive body language.


Nearly 70% of applicants were too stylish while coming to an interview.


80% application who take mock interviews increase selection possibilities by 2X.

Faq's in Interviews

Your interviewer has your CV, he knows what have you done. Help him understand why you have done by connecting the dots in your CV.

Always remember, no one is perfect. So, it is would be wise to talk about your actual weakness. Also, tell the interviewer that you're trying your best to overcome your weakness and how. It would look more impressive.
Always be precise and to the point. However, don't make any statement. For example - if you are a good leader. Don't say that. Showcase or give a proof of that.
It would be very snobbish or rather stupid of you to say, "You should hire me because I am the best". Dear, you cannot compare yourself to people you don't know, right? So, be generic and tell him or her about your dedication, commitment, hard work, etc.
Tell that you have heard it from a friend, a co-worker, or someone else. An interviewer, when he or she learns that you want to work for the company gets impressed.
Don't flatter your interviewer by saying that the company is great and all. He knows that. Rather, try to explain how the job profile fits you and how could you make a difference to the company.