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Everything You Need to Know About DevOps Jobs in Hyderabad

By Tektutes

Published on Apr 18 2021



Looking for DevOps jobs in Hyderabad? Don't worry, we'll help you to solve your problem. When you looking for jobs in any particular field then you must know about everything about that field. Also, keep in mind that you should be prepared for it.

However, as DevOps Engineer you have multiple responsibilities depending upon project types. So, you should be prepared to understand which types of skills are required for getting jobs as a DevOps Engineer, which type of works they have, salary, and more (All these means you should know about Jobs description).

But first, we will discuss DevOps, and then we will come to the DevOps jobs.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the set of practices that combines software development and IT operations. Continuous delivery and high software quality shorten the system development life cycle.

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What Do DevOps Engineers?

As a Cloud DevOps Engineer, you can't decide your responsibilities because it totally depends on your project types.

DevOps engineers deploy and maintain websites at a company's headquarters.

In addition to managing cloud infrastructure and system administration, they work with teams to identify and resolve issues on an as-needed basis, so strong communication skills are crucial in this position.

It is expected that they work well under pressure with tight deadlines for certain tasks, and a proactive attitude and a friendly disposition are also helpful.

In addition to junior engineers, DevOps engineers may interact with executives, project managers, and administrative assistants, a receptionist, and office managers.

Hours can be flexible, though they are usually required to work during regular business hours and do not normally interact with customers or supervise junior employees.

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Want to Find DevOps Jobs in Hyderabad?

Are you trying to find DevOps jobs in Hyderabad? But here you should check Tasks and Requirements as DevOps Engineer:-

DevOps Engineer Tasks
  • Optimizing applications for public cloud environments (AWS, GCP, or Azure)
  • Automating developer or operations functions by developing templates or scripts
  • Monitoring and maintaining multiple DevOps workflow environments requiring continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD)
  • Maintaining backups or patching across the environments
  • Identification of new tools and processes to automate processes and improve the cloud platform
Technical Requirements for DevOps Engineer
  • Programming knowledge of Node.js, SQL, JavaScript, OR PERL is a must; or another relevant programming language.
  • Understanding of systems architectures that use multiple tiers
  • Knowledge of different database types including relational and NoSQL
  • Knowledge of programming languages and architectural standards
  • Knowledge of configuration management tools such as Ansible, Saltstack, Puppet, and Chef.
  • Knowing the functions of ANT, Maven, Gradle, and Version Control tools (SVN or GIT or BitBucket)
  • Understands and uses CloudWatch, OpsWorks, and Datadog, among others, to configure, manage, and support applications.
  • Experience with continuous integration using Jenkins or Jama and the agile development lifecycle.
  • Jenkins OR Hudson OR Bamboo CI/CD automation experience
  • Experience in developing automation with YML, Groovy, Shell
  • Experiential knowledge of working in mixed onshore/offshore teams
  • Understanding of Scrum Agile development methodologies

If you trying to get a job as DevOps Cloud Engineer then you must have cracked the interview because it's the main thing to get a job.

But don't worry, we're here to help you. Check our DevOps Interview Questions that can help you crack the DevOps interview and get a job as a DevOps engineer.

How much do DevOps Engineers earn on a pay-by-experience basis?

The average total compensation for an Entry-level DevOps Engineer is $428,500 based on 9 salaries.

The average compensation for a mid-career DevOps Engineer with 5-9 years’ experience is $1,069,186 based on 72 salaries.

The average total compensation of an experienced Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer with 10-19 years’ experience is 1,838,049 based on 26 salaries.

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