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By Tektutes

Published on Dec 30 2021



The growth of technology is hurrying, and what moves along is the enterprise industry. Interconnecting space and time, digitization has modified a brand-new era. This era can take you anywhere with just a click of your mouse. What also changed is the level of working under a business atmosphere that aids to eliminate the distribution between development and operational teams.

Since DevOps is growing ahead of everyone in the software development world, it’s becoming trendier and adopted by larger communities. 

And if you are one of those who don’t know what DevOps is and the latest trend unfolding by the latter in 2022, you must follow this article.

What is DevOps?

The scalable and agile platform, DevOps, is derived from the combination of development and operation, which showcases a collaborative task force performed by the company’s application development and IT operations team.

Building the task force with mutual understanding and healthy communication, DevOps usually work with:

  • Continuous Integration 
  • Deployment
  • Delivery Tools

What do the DevOps do?

They try to improve the functionality by adapting more detailed planning, coding, arranging, screening, deploying, operating, and monitoring. Once the client’s feedback is achieved, the team again reforms the scenario and thus works with the same approach forming a loop.

The best thing about DevOps is-

  • How they perform every single action to accost their desired goal.
  • Moulding the cultural-technological aspects and utilizing CI/CD pipelines and various automation tools.
  • DevOps brings better results without wasting extra time or resources.

 Issues solved by the team of DevOps

Although DevOps doesn’t hold any official framework, the problem-solving techniques they bestow are commendable, proven from the satisfactory results they behold.

There are various problems that a specific DevOps company solves. Still, an issue that is very common to every task force is – 

  • A long-time releasing processes
  • Software that is unable to meet the desired expectations
  • IT that prevents business growth

Moving faster to meet the desired expectation, DevOps understands the productivity scenario keeping it under realistic conditions. You won’t undergo short-cycle terms that move its respective expectations shifting time and again continuously.

They have an excellent incident management system; thus, the software changes rolled out are minor and reversible. Subsequently, they are easily and instantly solved to enhance its market opportunities.


It has been said that DevOps’s full potentiality is yet to be uncovered with the coming future trends. In short, DevOps is shown as more productive and efficient with the forthcoming advancement and innovation. Albeit DevOps follow many directions, we will look at some of the most prominent ones.


One of the emerging trends of DevOps, serverless computing, aims at bringing a serverless framework for your enterprise industry. If you want to attain reliability and efficacy in the business or software industry, you got this. 

Serverless computing comes with loads of advantages that cannot be unheeded. Suppose you fear burdening infrastructures management, return of investment, or worrying around the top-headed competitors. In that case, this is the time to relieve it because serverless computing lets you find the ideal solution to all these problems. Besides, maintaining the risk of handling your business under traditional management.


With a high range of flexibility, microservice collaborate with DevOps to break down the application into simpler independent units. 

Microservice assists you better than those monolithic applications by offering a wide variety of tools and programming languages with higher scalability.

When you have a whole system that is working perfectly managed under a microservice approach. Although the growth will be a bit slower for the aforementioned in terms of small companies, still you get

  • Agility
  • resiliency 
  • reliability altogether


For testing and maintaining the system, AI plays a vital role because each of your business software gets a perfect screening without forcing you to spend your time watching out every process. With AI-driven automation, all of your work becomes easier, thus giving high productivity and efficiency in effortlessly bringing the new features.


The emergence of cloud computing has seen a sharp rise in the increasing threat of cyber-attacks at every corner of the system. Being concerned as a precedence, the security system incorporated by DevOps creates a refined, resilient atmosphere. The coming 2022 sees a total modification of this aspect as well.

While there are vast types of trendy points that prove that the future of DevOps is very bright and resourceful, still it’s up to the business how they utilize the practical tools that can make them enhance their business level to the next generation.

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